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Last year I looked at where all of my SCALPING trading income came from, and it turned out that 98% of the income came from just 8 core Price Action (PA) patterns. So, instead of trying to show you a million cool things you could do, I wanted to focus on just the MOST essential things. 

In this manual you’re going to discover what those 8 price action patterns are, why they work, and how to use them to avoid FOMO.
Hi, I am Atanas Matov, the Amazon's best-selling author of The Ultimate Price Action Guide and the founder of Colibritrader.com

We recently finalised this SCALPING PA trading manual. Some of the examples of trades pulled in trades with over 10X (as you can see when you scroll down). This SCALPING PA Manual includes over 10 years of price action data digested through my real trading experience. No demo trades, no regrets or FOMO. You will not receive a magic ball or a holy-grail of price action trading, but a few predefined easy-to-follow rules and a 8 practically unknown SCALPING PA patterns:

A straightforward look at the only 8 SCALPING PA patterns you will need to learn to experience explosive growth in your P/L... (No flash. No BS. Just the essentials you need to go from wherever you're at right now to where you want to be tomorrow)

You'll not be told to just avoid FOMO, because you cannot avoid it but manage in 3 simple steps. 

You’ll not be told to follow blindly a candlestick formation because we know that this is not why profitable price action traders are profitable.

You’ll not be told to use only one specific price action pattern, because markets are evolving and as such we need to have a basket of reliable patterns for all market conditions.

You’ll not be told to look for a strict risk:reward ratio since some trades do return in excess of 1:10 risk:reward.


The SCALPING PA Edge is a trading manual gives you a basket of 8 price action patterns that you can easily just plug and play and move on with your life. 

Using the price action edge manual will help you improve your timing of your entries, exits, so that you can increase your end profits, while saving time in worthless forum scanning for just the next strategy. 

The basket of those 8 price action patterns will help you make money with no indicators or news. Why? Because the more you complicate, the less profitable a strategy becomes. 

And once you’ve studied The SCALPING PA Manual, you’ll be able to spot 10R trading opportunities without the stress.

And most importantly- you will not need to learn stuff that does not work for others. 

Here is a breakdown of what is included 👇🏽

In Probably The Best 2022 SCALPING PA Manual

Let's Look At Just 4 Trades Following The Step-By-Step Approach

Achieved 1:10 risk:reward based on the BOSS pattern taken from the SCALPING PA Manual

Achieved 1:9 risk:reward based on the IBWT pattern taken from the SCALPING PA Manual

Achieved 1:15 risk:reward based on the SUP pattern taken from the SCALPING PA Manual

Achieved 1:5 risk:reward based on the DZC pattern taken from the SCALPING PA Manual

Let me be honest with you: 

My SCALPING PA Manual is not the holy grail of scalping. 

It is neither a get rich quick scheme.

My SCALPING PA Manual is not going to make you profits every single day. No EDGE can do that. Even in professional sports athletes have losing days. 

But, if you’re willing to invest the time to master those 8 scalping price action patterns, then you have a good chance of becoming a consistently profitable trader.


✓ My special IBWT and DZC price action bullish setups: A universal SCALPING price action setup to profit in bullish markets by just using the price pg. 25

✓ The powerful TVR and SUP price action bearish techniques: A unique scalping technique to help you profit only in bearish markets by just using the price and no indicators pg. 26

✓ 1 less known scalping tool you must know if you want to become a consistently profitable trader (it’s nothing to do with your trading strategy or risk management) pg. 35

✓ The reason why 95% of scalpers without an edge loose consistently pg. 17

✓ 3 simple steps that will teach you how to stick to trades that make money pg. 45

✓ Two practically unknown tricks to the retail trader. Once you learn this by heart, you’ll know exactly what “traps” the market can set—and how you can exploit them to your advantage pg. 49

✓ 45+ charts and plenty of examples so you can clearly visualise the trading strategies and concepts and digest the SCALPING PA manual in less than 72 hours

✓ You will be amazed to learn the less-known reason of why you have been losing or breaking-even for so long pg. 52

✓ How to actually trade with PA zones as the big players see them pg. 57

✓ How to differentiate fake price action setups from good price action setups and use them to profit SCALPING while others are losing money pg. 59

✓ The prop trading house secret to making truckloads of money from trading without blowing up your trading account pg. 61

✓ How to tell when a price action level is about to break. Reduce your potential losses and improve your overall P/L pg. 64

✓ The only true way to read candlestick patterns that nobody tells you—so you can master your entries & exits. Learn how to read the market and never again try to "predict" turning points because this simply doesn't work pg. 65
✓ Where is the best place to place stop losses and avoid being stopped out by the broker in fast moving markets pg. 68

✓ The SCALPING TOOL that has helped me to find the optimal position size for my trading account so you don't risk too much that you lose everything on one trade (included as one of the bonuses)

✓ SCALPING Hooks- or the traps that lead to major trend reversals and show you how to capture the best places to buy low and sell high pg. 73

✓ The exact PA scalping technique of how to stay in a winning trade up to 5 times longer than the average trader pg. 77

✓ Want to find high probability scalping trades? Then you must pay attention to these three things—or suffer a false breakout pg. 80
✓ How to manage your trades like a prop trader so you know where other PRO SCALPERS are entering and exiting so you can be the first on the queue and avoid giving your hard-earned profits to the big players pg. 83

✓ A hidden trick that professional scalpers use when the market is about to pop (99% of retail traders don’t know this) pg. 88


You’ll also get access to these 4 BONUSES👇🏽





  What other traders Are Saying:
"Great Tool for Scalpers"
Thank you for providing such a valuable resource for those of us that are struggling with consistency and profitability. This is a book that I find myself going back to every week.
Daniel, 32- US
"Great Trading Insights"
This was the most practical scalping manual I have ever laid my hands on. It was a quick read but it got to the point straight away and revealed unknown price action tricks. I particularly liked that it is one of the only books out there that clarifies the difference between scalping vs scalping with an edge. Well worth reading!!!
Vivienne, 28 - France
"Reference Book For day traders and scalpers"
That can be a reference book for those who want to profit and cut the technicalities along the way. The SCALPING PA manual includes some trading secrets on entries, exits and avoiding FOMO that I have never thought existed. 5 STARS!!!
Sean, 25 - UK

So, who is the SCALPING PA Trading Manual suitable for?

This trading manual is FOR you if:

📉 You want to gain a proven scalping edge and use it to trade with Forex, Stocks, Futures, and Cryptocurrencies

📉 You’re a discretionary day trader or scalper who wants to master a very powerful technique for trading with 8 less known patterns
📉 You want to learn a method that has consistently returned more than 10R on certain trades! 

This trading manual is NOT for you if:

📈 You want to get rich quick without putting in the hard work

📈 You are looking for a holy grail strategy that makes money every single day

📈 You don't have the patience to stick to a boring strategy  

And Here Are Your 4 Bonuses 🎁

ONE whole WEEK of V.I.P. Live Trading Room for FREE? 


This is where practice meets theory. 

This is also where you will see all of my past trades- the ups and the downs and those trades that returned some phenomenally high Rs.

There are plenty of other trades that have achieved between 1:10 and 1:20 risk:reward ratios. 

There is even one trade that made 40R!!! 

The good part is that you can track all that- all is there documented. You have one week to follow me and see all of my trades in real time. 

This is better than any past track record that other "trading gurus" are offering.

I still believe that there is no track record that can beat watching someone TRADE LIVE.

Maybe this would be the week in which I will get into another 1:40 risk:reward trade! 

There is only one way to find out...

What? You are a SCALPER? 

No problem. 

It works not just with scalping, but with all other trading styles and strategies. I am using it on both my day trading strategy, as well as my long-term strategy. 

Where did I get this from? 

Yup- I came up with it in my prop trading years in London. This is over 10 years ago, but it still works as good as new because it is so simple. 

The good part is that you won't need to do any math. It is all in there ready to be used.

There are no more excuses for breaking your money management rules or ending up in the same bad emotional cycle after a losing streak. 

The risk matrix calculator works as good on a $1000 account as it does on a $100,000 one. 

The catch? 

There is no such! Why overcomplicate when you can simplify and be profitable.


Here is the stop loss calculator that everyone is asking me about. 

What would be a profitable scalper without a stop loss calculator.

I have not saved anything for myself and here is one of the crucial tools that you should use in your trading, even if you are not a scalper.
And if you have been losing for months (or even worse years) and not planning  your stop loss well, probably you should ask yourself the question: Why? 

Anyways, as Shakespeare would have said: 

What's done is done,
What's gone is gone. 
One of life's lessons
Is always moving on. 

It is all in your hands. So, take action now!

Better than a journal? 

Is that possible at all?

You probably thought that if you just journal, you will improve your trading results.

That's only partially right. You will need to follow up with your trading checkup list. 

The good news is that....

Here is mine that you can borrow. The best thing is that you won't need to do anything extra- just plug and write. 

All it takes is your desire to improve and 10 minutes a day to finish the trading session with your thoughts on what you did wrong and how you can improve next time in the exact format given in this tool.

Does it make sense?


Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest reason why retail traders fail and by taking action today you can avoid that. 

Not only prop traders should be use this tool. This is why I have made this available to you, too!  It is all in your hands now. 

1) The SCALPING PA Manual ($99 value) 

2) The Risk Matrix Calculator ($150 value)

3) The Prop Trading Checkup List ($200 value)
4) My Stop-Loss Calculator ($100 value)

5) 1-WEEK V.I.P. LIVE Trading Room Pass ($50 value) 

Total value is over $599💰

But all I am asking for today is for you to just cover the cost of running this website, which is roughly $37.

So, let's get started immediately.


Here are some of my other verified reviews that I keep on receiving online:

You have 30 days to absolutely love the SCALPING PA trading manual, or I will refund your purchase and you can keep the manual including the 4 BONUSES! 

Just drop me an 💌 email and I will not ask you any questions. 

I think I cannot be more fair than that!
Sounds good?

Thank you for investing your time reading that far and I am sure you will love the content of my SCALPING PA Trading Manual.

Atanas Matov

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I will send you the SCALPING PA Trading Manual (in full-colour). You will also receive FREE 🎁

1-WEEK PASS TO MY V.I.P. LIVE TRADING ROOM, RISK MATRIX CALCULATOR and the PROP TRADING CHECKUP LIST. All you need to do is cover my costs of running this website ($37).

That's it! No tricks... no games. (Are you ok if we overdeliver...?). ha ha...

If for some reason you don't love the trading materials 100%, I will refund you. So, there is no risk in buying something that you won't instantly find value in. 

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